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Aug. 18th, 2017 02:08 am


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[Another day goes by at EuroReptarLand. Another day of parades, bumper cars, and sumo wrestling events. Every hour on the hour. The highlight of Reptarland, however, has to be the stage show. That's where the magic happens. It's a a simple story - Reptar terrorizes the city, falls in love with the princess, and saves her from the evil Robosnail. It's nothing special, but it has captured the hearts of millions.

But after dark, when Reptarland is closed, things get weird. Namely, the, performers, they confine themselves to the park. There, in the midnight hours, they mingle. Talk. Drink. Move about as humans. The family-friendly world of Reptarland becomes a shady underbelly of intrigue. But when the sun rises the next day, it is as though nothing has happened. Nobody is the wiser, not any of the minimum wage employees, and certainly not Coco LaBouche hanging up in her ivory tower.

Even if they knew, they certainly wouldn't be able to fathom what's to happen on this particular night.

Reptar - no, Rhett Tarino, is doing his nightly stroll by Ooey Gooey World when somebody spots him from the corner of his eye. A heavily accented voice calls out to him from the shadows.]

You did quite well out there today, mon ami.

[Robosn- Roial Sinclaire emerges from the shadows. The disheveled purple suit and unkempt hair instantly give him away, but they help betray the obvious.

He is anything but sober.

With a sense of swagger, he moves towards Rhett, placing a hand on the wall behind him. From this distance, the smell of cheap cigarettes and boxed wine can be smelt on Roail's breath. He looks his archenemy up and down, lingering eyes resting on his legs, before he raises back up and speaks once more.]

Perhaps you should teach me how you roar so well. [The word 'roar' rolls off his tongue, transitioning into a nasty smirk.]
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